Here are a few of the key security steps

we put in place to ensure that your ticket is protected:

  • You are required you to sign your ticket. Your signature eliminates any dispute over ownership, even after the ticket leaves your possession.
  • Self-serve ticket checkers are provided so you can validate your ticket before handing it to the clerk.
  • The retailer must return your ticket to you after it has been validated (winning or losing).
  • The retailer must provide you with a Player Receipt. Check the control number printed on it to ensure it matches the control number on the bottom of your ticket.
  • Our retailers provide the option for you to hold on to your ticket to validate draw-based, sports, or Scratch 'N Win tickets, while holding on to them. Simply ask a retailer and they will scan the barcode of their ticket using the handheld scanner of our lottery terminal.

Retailers validate non-barcoded Breakopen tickets using face-validation.

  • For each winning Breakopen ticket, the prize amount won is clearly identified and positioned in an orange win box over a non-winning symbol on the ticket.
  • The prize amount indicated on the ticket is the prize amount that you will be paid by the Retailer when you claim your prize.
  • Winning non-barcoded Breakopen tickets are not returned to the player when they are paid.

With the exception of winning Bonus prizes:

  • Winning Bonus prize tickets have a designated signature line, orange win box and text directing you to contact Atlantic Lottery’s Customer Care team.
  • Retailers will direct you to contact Customer Care for prize claiming information.

Always remember that if you have any doubts, give us a call. We’re here to help.