Let’s start at the beginning.

The first thing that you should do after purchasing a draw, sport or scratch ticket is always, always, always the same: sign it. We suggest that you treat every ticket like it’s a winning ticket and signing it is a sure way to let us know who owns it. When it comes to checking your ticket, we encourage all players to use the self-checker before handing your ticket to the retailer for validation. What the retailer tells you should match what the self-checker told you.

While the retailer is validating your ticket, pay close attention to the Customer Display Unit on their terminal and listen for the winning/non-winning sound. You should always get your ticket back (winning or non-winning) along with the matching validation slip/ Player Receipt.

In addition, Atlantic Lottery provides you with the option to validate draw-based, sports, or Scratch'N Win while holding on to them. Simply ask a retailer and they will scan the barcode of their ticket using the handheld scanner of our lottery terminal.

Retailers validate non-barcoded Breakopen tickets using face-validation. For each winning Breakopen ticket, the prize amount won is clearly identified and positioned in an orange win box over a non-winning symbol on the ticket. The prize amount indicated on the ticket is the prize amount that you will be paid by the Retailer when you claim your prize. Winning non-barcoded Breakopen tickets are not returned to the player when they are paid.

With the exception of winning Bonus prizes: Winning Bonus prize tickets have a designated signature line, orange win box and text directing you to contact Atlantic Lottery’s Customer Care team. Retailers will direct you to contact Customer Care for prize claiming information.

If you’re still feeling uncertain about the validation process, don’t be shy – give our Customer Care Centre team a call at 1-800-561-3942.