Under Canadian and provincial law, Atlantic Lottery is the only 100% legal and government-regulated provider of online gambling and sports-betting products in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Canadians are playing on and seeing advertising from other unregulated gambling sites without realizing they cannot legally operate or advertise in Atlantic Canada, under Canadian and provincial law.

About $100 million leaves Atlantic Canada every year due to play on illegal gambling websites that are not regulated by the provincial governments. Illegal websites are not accountable to provincial or federal regulators, do not share profit or pay taxes locally and do not fund important government programs and services.

Atlantic Lottery is the only 100% legal option. As a publicly owned corporation, Atlantic Canada and its communities are at the heart of everything we do. We were created in 1976 to legally provide Atlantic Canadians who choose to play with the most responsible gaming options available. Each year, 100% of our profit stays here in Atlantic Canada to help fund important services we all use.

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