This includes:

How to play our games:

We make it easy to understand how our games work by including instructions for how to play our games on To find instructions for your favourite games:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Our Games”.
  3. Click on the desired game type and then select your game.
  4. On the Game Details page, click on the “How to Play” or “Learn More” tab.

Note: Instructions for Scratch ‘N Win products are also printed on the back of each ticket; and Video Lottery-specific game information is accessible on the Video Lottery terminals.

Odds of winning:

We provide information to help players understand the odds of winning our games. Click here for our online brochure: Understanding the odds

To find more information, including: the odds, overall chances of winning, or theoretical prize payouts for your favourite games:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Our Games”.
  3. Click on the desired game type and then select your game.
  4. Then, for:

Draw Games: Click on the “How to Play” tab on the Game Details page and then click on “Odds of Winning”.

Scratch ‘N Win and Breakopen: Click on “Learn More” to see the overall chance of winning a prize for each individual game.

iBingo: Click on “Learn More” to learn the theoretical prize payout for each individual game.

Instant Wins: Click on “Learn More” to see the theoretical prize payout for each individual game. And then click on the “Prizes and Odds” tab to see the odds of winning each prize amount.

PRO-LINE: The odds vary based on your picks. See the latest games list for PRO-LINE, Fantasy, Futures, and Stadium Bets for more information.

Video Lottery: The minimum regulated payout percentage in Atlantic Canada is 80%. For individual games and payout percentages by province, please click here.

Winning numbers:

We publish the latest winning numbers for all of our draw games on and on our mobile app. Winning numbers are also available at all of our retail locations. If you prefer to check your numbers by phone, we have local ‘Winning Numbers’ lines in Moncton, NB (506-867-5858), Dartmouth, NS (902-468-1072) and St. John’s, NL (709-754-2992).

Top prizes remaining:

For all Scratch ‘N Win and Breakopen products, we make it easy for players to see the top prizes remaining for each game. To see these lists:

  1. Visit the Scratch ‘N Win or Breakopen page on
  2. Locate your game in the game list and click on “Learn More”.
  3. Click on “See All Top Prizes Remaining” on the game details page.

Rules and Regulations:

We publish our Rules and Regulations on We also publish Game Conditions for Draw Games. To see these Game Conditions:

  1. Visit the Draw Games page on
  2. Click on “Game Details” for the desired game.
  3. Click on the “How to Play” tab.
  4. Click on “Game Conditions”.

We also provide players with the Rules and Regulations for all current promotions and contests online at: Contests Page.

Where the money goes:

For information on where the lottery money goes and how your play makes a difference, click here.


Responsible gambling is one of Atlantic Lottery’s core values. We provide players with information and resources about responsible play through our PlayWise platform. For information on some of the resources available for individuals (and their families/loved ones) who may have concerns about their gambling, click here.

Red Shores:

For information on our Red Shores properties and products, visit: Red Shores.