This is an important first step that must be done

before your win can be validated. It protects your winnings from being claimed by anyone else. Your signature is unique to you and signing your ticket eliminates any questions of ownership, even after the ticket leaves your possession. This measure is in place to protect you, the player, as well as our retailers and their retail employees.

Players must sign all of their tickets before they can be scanned by a retailer. All Breakopen tickets with the exception of winning bonus prize tickets don’t have a signature line, and can be redeemed without a signature.  Winning Bonus prize tickets have a designated signature line, orange win box and text directing you to contact Atlantic Lottery’s Customer Care team. Retailers will direct you to contact Customer Care for prize claiming information. 

If you’re still feeling uncertain about the validation process, don’t be shy – give our Customer Care Centre team a call at 1-800-561-3942.