RNG makes the process of drawing winning numbers simpler, quicker and more modern

and it’s every bit as fair and secure as the ball-drop machines it’s replacing.

Beginning May 14, 2019, Lotto Max and Lotto 649 draws will be conducted using random number generator software, or RNG, in place of mechanical ball-drop machines. Many of your favourite lottery games already use RNG software, including Daily Grand, the guaranteed prize draw feature of Lotto 649, the Maxmillions feature of Lotto Max and all of Atlantic Lottery’s regional draw games, such as Atlantic 49.

Here’s how it works. The RNG system uses two parts to randomly draw winning numbers: a seed value and an algorithm. First, the seed value acts as a starting point for the process. It’s a number generated from multiple, unpredictable sources to ensure each draw begins from a random point that cannot be predicted ahead of time. For the second step, the seed value is then entered into the random number generator, which uses an algorithm to draw the winning numbers.

We take many steps to ensure RNG is reliable. Third-party experts have tested and certified the RNG software for randomness. When the software starts, an integrity check ensures that no changes have been made that could affect the draw results. National draws are also audited by third-party experts—including two draw auditors from Grant Thornton and Deloitte, who are located in two separate geographical locations. All this makes sure draws are secure and random.