In April 2010, we launched an environmental strategy

to reduce our footprint in key areas including water, paper, energy, waste and carbon emissions.  Some of the “green” initiatives Atlantic Lottery has in place to lessen our environmental impact are

•             Material Review Board:  This group of employees makes sure that things like VLTs, IT equipment, vehicles and furniture are recycled, returned to vendors or sold when they reach the end of their life cycle.

•             Electronic Paystubs:  To eliminate paper pay stubs, our employees are encouraged to sign up for electronic paystubs. 

•             Supply Chain:  Atlantic Lottery is committed to the use of environmentally friendly products. Our Procurement Standards ensure that the purchase of environmentally friendly products and services are considerations when tender specifications and bid responses are reviewed.  Buying environmentally office supplies is one example of this commitment.

•             Education and Awareness:  We promote recycling with our retailers, players and employees.