We make a variety of resources available to players who have concerns with gambling (or for their family and friends) through our PlayWise platform.

Some of the resources available include:


Provincial Gambling Support lines: If you or someone you know has concerns about their play, support is just a phone call away.

  • NB: 1-800-461-1234
  • NL: 811
  • NS: 1-888-347-8888
  • PEI: 1-855-255-4255

Self-Exclusion: We have self-exclusion programs in place at both Red Shores locations and on all gaming products on 

Self-Assessment Quiz: We’ve created a self-assessment quiz to help players identify the warning signs of problem gambling:

PDF Downloads: We’ve assembled a variety of PDF brochures on how the games work and understanding the odds.

Links and Other Resources: We’ve assembled a variety of other local resources and links on gambling support.

Brochures at Retailers: All retailers have information on-site to aid players in need.

Red Shores Playwise Information Centre: A PlayWise Information Centre is located at both casinos to access gambling related information and educational tools, and links to community resources. For more information on the services available at the PlayWise Information Centre, the PlayWise Advisor can be reached at: (902) 620-4267.


For more information about our PlayWise platform, please click here.