Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no.

Prizes worth up to $250 can be claimed at any Atlantic Lottery retail location (some can actually cash up to $999.99).

Prizes between $250 and $9,999.99 can be claimed at any Scotiabank location. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Scotiabank is currently limiting all in-branch banking services to Scotiabank customers only.

In order to provide an alternative for prizes that would normally be claimed at their retailer or through Scotiabank (Bankline), players now have the option of following an online claim process for prizes of up to $9,999.

  • In order to redeem a ticket worth up to $9,999, please complete and sign the Prize Claim Form and email it to If your ticket has been validated on the lottery terminal, it cannot be claimed through the digital process. This is only available for players who check their ticket on a ticket checker, mobile device or on

For prizes valued at $10,000 or greater, you’ll need to contact Atlantic Lottery at 1-800-561-3942 to share your happy news. Your ticket will need to be redeemed at one of our three offices in either Dartmouth, Moncton or St. John’s. If you live a great distance from these locations, we’ll work something out.

If you purchased your ticket online:

  • Cash prizes of up to $9,999.99 and free plays are deposited into your account
  • Cash prizes of $10,000 or more, contact Atlantic Lottery at 1-800-561-3942 to make arrangements

For more details, call us or check out our website at